20th Anniversary Fundraiser

The Twin Oaks Communities Conference is 20 years old!

Twin Oaks has been hosting the Communities Conference for 20 consecutive years! The community has been proud to support what’s been one of the main events for the Communities Movement.


Sharing food builds community in a way that few other things do. The Communities Conference is not just about learning about community. Our mission is to demonstrate a satisfying experience of community as well as providing opportunities to create, develop, and learn about intentional communities.

new kitchen plan cropped

Our existing kitchen with a floor plan for the extension and new equipment

Over the years, as our facilities have experienced wear and tear we’ve had to shift cooking for the conference to the Twin Oaks main dining hall, which is inconvenient for the conference and high-impact for the community. Running the Communities Conference has been a labor of love for Twin Oaks, and in the effort to make sure the event is financially accessible the community has been willing to little more than break even most years. The drawback is that the community hasn’t been able to invest much money in the conference site. The kitchen current has no working refrigeration or oven, so those will be some of our main equipment purchases, along with more counter and shelving space. And we plan to almost double the existing space to accommodate this equipment.

Twin Oaks will put up to $7000 towards a new kitchen if we can raise $10,000 from outside sources. Now is the time to help us dramatically improve the site and strengthen this important event.

pic of ira

The Twin Oaks Communities Conference was restarted after a several year hiatus in 1994 by Ira Wallace, a founding member of fledgling Acorn Community.  Ira had been a member of Twin Oaks for years and had been a member of other communities.  She restarted the conference to help promote Acorn.  Now, 20 years later, Acorn is a thriving community of around 25 members who own and operate Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, which sells organic and heirloom variety seeds.

A wise communitarian once said, in the absence of a shared spiritual practice eating together will do.  What’s one of the first things you do when you’re trying to organize something?  Host a potluck!  How many times have you been to a party where half the people end up standing around in the kitchen chatting and nibbling?  Help us keep the Communities Movement well fed and growing.

Click on one of the donation links on the right hand sidebar to help this great event get even better!


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